Baby book, blog or napkins. No matter your choice to record all the memories of your children’s lives (and your parenting successes!), there is an inherent desire in all of us to capture and document the memories. It is so easy for this earnest and heartfelt routine to get stressful. From the choice making of manner of documentation (book or blog) to the learning of the technology (more so with blog than book) to the staying up late just to get it all documented, this practice can get a little stress-filled. But, it is so valuable and enjoyable in small doses.

One way of implementing this practice that can weave it in to life a little easier is to pair documenting of ordinary moments with something else that is “ordinary.” For example, jot down those memories (in whatever form) on the day you take the recycling to the curb, on the day you get a certain magazine in the mail or each day right before backing out of the child care setting where your child is. The main idea is to pair the act of journaling with another act that happens regularly and predictably. Often a few notes of what has happened during the last day, week or month is enough to trigger other memories when you re-read the entries. But, this method can reduce the stress of “having to get it done.” Try it!

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