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Happiness is good, right? Often we think we know what makes our children feel happy but sometimes our thoughts on the matter may not hit the target. Ask them! It is such as simple question, “what makes you feel happy?” but we get in the throes of day-to-day tasking and list-making that it just doesn’t come up readily. Other questions that can generate discussion of happiness are: when was the last time you had a great time (remembering a whole day is hard for younger kids) and felt really happy? Who helps you feel happy? Describe a happy activity to me. What “happy activity” do you want to do today? Happiness breeds happiness, by the way. After asking your child these questions, don’t forget to turn the interview on yourself! And start recognizing that it usually isn’t things that make us feel happy but experiences and being with the ones we love (or even just like a whole lot).

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