Frozen in time


If I weren’t a psychologist, I might be a professional photographer. Images captured in the form of photography have always been alluring to me, stirring my soul when it is a breathtaking photo of a moment that has since past. I have noticed a trend that involves people seeing a photograph and wanting to re-create the image with their own loved ones. For example, upon seeing a stunning photo of the look of awe upon the face of a child touching snow for the first time, they may remark that they want to have a photograph taken just like that one with their own child. Most will likely see the inherent flaw in this assumption that such a moment can be recreated. The reason why that photo may be stunning is because someone was tuned in to the moment that was unfolding before him or her at that time. Certainly, some staging can happen but beauty and awe are unfolding all the time around us, especially with children. Why not capture those beautiful and awesome moments? And you don’t even need a camera to really capture them. Tuning in to all that your awareness tells you to tune into can freeze that moment in time way more than Canon or Nikon.

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