Hurry up and wait


So often we do this unintentionally – we rush through the morning routine only to sit in traffic, we zip up and down the grocery store aisles only to wait in line, we stressfully hurry to a meeting only to find out they have delayed it for attendees who are, coincidentally, stuck in traffic. Alas, waiting can give you space, breathing room, alone time. Embrace the unexpected wait times and more to the point, plan for them. Finding time to have space, breathing room and alone time is a beautiful way to give ourselves some good stuff. Next time you have a scheduled haircut, dentist appointment, or lunch date with your friend, hurry up and purposely wait. Maybe you bring along a magazine, maybe you don’t. Maybe you bring a good book, maybe you don’t. Soak up the free time when you don’t have to be doing anything.

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