All around, flowers are blossoming and trees are blooming (or is it the other way around?). Children are blooming and blossoming all the time too! And guess what? You as a parent are too. Often with each birthday we see pass and wonder where the time has gone for our children, we only see them as growing competence and confidence. But, don’t forget to remember when you blow out the candles that you are becoming a more competent parent. Acknowledge and celebrate those milestones as a parent just as you acknowledge and celebrate┬ámilestones of your children.

Save your energy

Have you ever thought of “being who you are” as a way of conserving energy? Anne Morrow Lindbergh once said “The most exhausting thing in life, I have found, is being insincere.” Being real — it’s worth every drop of energy used and saved.

Be glad you’re you

In a classic and endearing children’s book, The Please and Thank You Book by Barbara Shook Hazen, the last page is the best. It’s brief but an important reminder: “The leopard is proud of her spotted coat, the nightingale of his song. The elephant’s glad she has a trunk. The lion’s glad he’s strong. They all agree. “I’m glad I’m me. No one’s more fun or nicer to be.” Remind yourself, be glad you are YOU. Be glad your children have YOU. For your children deep down, don’t want anyone but the real you.